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It’s Time For A Change

Here goes nothing.

Starting tomorrow (or my next post) I will write, about anything my heart and mind desire. My thoughts, my opinions, and my fears. Who I am. How I am. and What I wish to be, because I can’t keep it inside anymore. These things should be documented, written down to remember because if and/or when I actually start achieving things and start to finally change my life into something amazing. I’ll be able to look back and see the exact time, date, year that everything started to get better. The exact moment when I finally stopped being a certain way, stopped acting like I was still 16 and the exact moment when I started to finally grow up. So far, I’m 19 years old, living at home, not attending college due to financial difficulties, don’t have my license (working on it) and a first time employee (aka never had a job until now that didn’t include taking care of kids).

So yea, Life doesn’t feel like it started yet for me, I feel like I’m still a kid while my friends are starting to grow up or already have.

I’m finally exploding, everything I’ve held in for so long is soon to come out to the open, which for me is both very strange and a BIG relief.


9:59 4/19/12 

(Thurs.) Day 1

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